Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar
Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar

Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar

Regular price $5,950

The VX88 studio desk is designed to fit an arsenal of equipment while maintaining a minimal footprint. It's streamlined profile and compact structure allow a full size 88 key workstation and quite much more. The VX88 was created to fuse perfectly with your favorite gear to give the overall experience the look and feeling of using a classic vintage instrument (from the future).

This is more than just a desk to fit a lot of stuff. It does do that though.



  • Solid wood construction w/ traditional joinery allowing for wood movement
  • Heavy duty satin oil finish hand applied to age with grace
  • Up to 9U of 19" rack gear capacity
  • Sturdy 150lb capacity sliding shelf
  • Fits most 88 key controllers on the market
  • Fits 2 screens or 1 large screen and speakers
  • Compact foot 5x3 foot print
  • Hidden storage shelf for cables, hard drives, powers strips


  • Naturally sun tanned poplar wood
  • 63w x 33d x 32h desktop
  • 60w x 15d x 37-39h top shelf (2-3U tall)
  • 57.25w x 15d x 5.5h sliding workstation shelf
  • 60w x 12d x 7h hidden storage shelf
  • 2 cold rolled 1x3 tubular steel bases (detachable)



  • Included: choice of 2U or 3U tall topshelf
  • Included: choice of L-frame or trapezoid design in brushed steel or rustic black
  • $250ea - matching drawer in 19" slot 
  • $350ea - raw edge wood, brass, aluminum or copper faced drawer
  • $350 - Ash, Maple, Cherry, Sapele or Oak 
  • $550 - walnut, or rustic reclaimed wood



  • $250 - local white glove to SoCal
  • $750 - standard insured crated freight 
  • $950 - full service white glove delivery (includes inside placement, base attachment, packaging removal)



Clients have the option to buy in a couple different ways:

  • 65% down payment / 35% final payment + shipping via listing or direct invoice
  • Full payment via listing, direct invoice or Monkwood account on Etsy, Houzz or



I build all my work in small seasonal batches with selected apprentices in Fullerton, CA. We work hard to ensure every piece is unique within it's specified design. This batch method allows for a greater vocabulary of materials to work with and patient focused attention to be employed during each phase of the process - panel composition, joinery, sanding finishing etc. Since 2015, each season has been producing consistently better work with details and upgrades added as we grow and continue to push ourselves in craftsmanship. 

Monkwood Season Batch Schedule:

  • Winter // February release 
  • Spring // April release 
  • Summer // July release
  • Autumn // November release

When one batch fills up we then open orders for the next. Each release is celebrated and sent to their new homes with the Monkwood logo burned into the wood with care and gratitude. Recommend care products and simple instruction are given to help keep the wood fresh over the years. 



I designed the VX88 for both beauty and utility. The lines are inspired from some of my favorite classic sports cars (71' Mustang Mach 1 x 80's Porshe 928). I also wanted to bring the feel of those classic vintage mixing board profiles where wood was used prominently to bring some good natural vibes into the traditionally sterile studio environments. 

The inner dimensions were chosen to allow the desk to fit nicely into smaller urban studios where crucial work gets done in relativley tiny spaces. The VX is 2ft smaller than the 7ft wide SD series, while holding the same full size controller.

The VX88 fits all your favorite carefully selected gear right in front of you at arms reach. The speaker aim straight to your ears in the magic triangle and the screen is lifted just high enough to for maximum comfort for those 12+ hour all night or day sessions.

My aim is to create something solid and inspiring and that you will use for years to come...



Sun tanned poplar is my standard material for all my desks and dining tables. It is seen as the softy of hardwoods, a lower grade underdog who usually gets painted over because of its very unusual grains patterns and colors. This is exactly why I love it. 

I'e done research and years of testing the myth and have found poplar simply awesome. Yes it isn't as hard as oak or have the reputation of walnut, but is is resilient, sustainable and long lasting. Leonardo Da Vinci favored poplar panels for his paintings and it seems the Mona Lisa has done well for being 500+years old.

I learned by happy accident that poplar changes color in the sun. It goes from green and pale to a warm honey and chocolate color.  I use careful techniques that I've devised over the last several years. I simply speed up what naturally happens over months and years if left in a sun lit room. I take it to just enough color before it is then assembled and finished for delivery. 

It's softer side actually works to its advantage in the long run if you are one who see's time as a good thing. Poplar responds to human made marks of use by turning into a story telling patina. Even maple or walnut gets marked up over time. There's a reason we want our homes furnished with wood instead of concrete. It is warm and inspiring and gets old just like us. I believe this to be a beautiful thing. I encourage my clients to have a toast and celebrate their first scratch, it means life is happening. 

A Monkwood desk or table in any wood is made to look even better on its 100th birthday whether you are around to see it or not. Whoever gets to use it next will thank you for it. 



I realize I can only fit so much info, story and possibilities in to this listing. If your interest is peaked and you have more questions please contact me via email and we can start a conversation. Getting to know my clients allows me to be inspired by their unique preferences and experiences. It all goes into the work. 

Whether you plan to buy now or in 10 years. My work is an investment for both of us and I view the whole process in a long term perspective. 

Thanks you for considering my work as a part of yours.


Brandon Monk Munoz

Fullerton, CA


Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar
Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar
Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar
Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar
Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar
Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar
Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar
Monkwood VX88 Studio Desk in Sun Tanned Poplar